Bruce S. Jansson


Improving Healthcare Through Advocacy: A Guide for the Health and Helping Professions
(John Wiley and Sons, January 2011)

Best-selling author and award-winning researcher Bruce Jansson uses an intervention framework to illustrate how everyone in the health care system can advocate effectively not just for better health care delivery to individual clients (case advocacy), but for the necessary policy change (policy advocacy) that will deliver long term solutions to our nation’s health care crisis as well.

It provides professionals with:
• Tools to move from traditional services to case advocacy and policy advocacy tasks
• Over 100 case studies from the perspective of patients, health care providers and others, who relate the experiences they have encountered in the health care system and share the wisdom they have learned
• Practical tips on how to provide effective advocacy and bring about positive and long term change in this complex environment

Becoming an Effective Policy Advocate: From Policy Practice to Social Justice
(Brooks/Cole/Cengage, 6th edition, 2011)

This book provides a framework for engaging in policy practice with eight tasks and four skills. It provides many case examples, vignettes, and video clips to help readers develop skills in changing policies in organizational, community, and legislative settings.

The Reluctant Welfare State: Engaging History to Advance Social Work Practice in Contemporary Society
(seventh edition, Brooks/Cole/Cengage, February 2011)

The Reluctant Welfare State not only places social policy into its political, cultural, and societal context, but analyzes why these factors have created a paradoxical welfare state that has improved the lives of many Americans, but failed to address many of their problems. The book discusses how many reformers improve the American welfare state -- and invites readers to emulate their work in the contemporary period.

Selected Works

This book provides the first detailed framework for health advocacy by members of the health and helping professions at both case (or patient) and policy levels
A pioneering book on the practice of policy and policy advocacy for professionals and Americans.
This book provides a critical analysis of the evolution of the American welfare state from colonial times to the present, as well as discussing strategies for reforming it.

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